My hope, as you view my site, is for you to find the information you are looking for in order to make the right decision for you, and only you, in this moment.  Whether that means you decide to contact me, seek out an alternative therapeutic approach or set the whole idea aside for the time being matters not, for what does matter, is that you allow yourself, in whatever way feels most appropriate, the time and space needed to evaluate where you are and make the decision, which most resonates with you.

     Cognitive hypnotherapy is an insightful, evidence-based therapeutic model, which many people have found to be the approach that brought about their desired change, even after many years of struggle.  While this may be the case for you, it should be stated that cognitive hypnotherapy will not suit everyone and… that’s okay.

     My goal, as your cognitive hypnotherapist, is to work in partnership with you to help bring about your authentic, transformative and lasting change.  In essence, our work together is about empowering you to rediscover and re-establish your natural energetic true self as your state of being.  If this aligns with your goals, if it feels or sounds right, or if you can see the possibilities, then I invite you to explore my website and give me a call to find out if the approach I offer is right for you.


Jeffrey Glick